What is a Plasma Lighter?

A Plasma Lighter basically is an Electric Lighter but called in a different way due to the arc that creates. 

Plasma is essentially a ionized state of matter, which does not exist freely on the Earth's surface but it can be created artificially by heating or subjecting a neutral gas (in this case the air that flows between the electrodes) to a strong electromagnetic field. 

Carbon Fiber The Flame X Showing the Iconix X Plasma Lighter

The Flame X features 4 strategically positioned electrodes and by pressing the ignite side button you immediately create the purple Iconic X which reaches an impressive 900°F. 

Electric Arc Lighters only uses electricity to ignite and does not contain any Gas or Butane, which are flammable and dangerous substances. 

For a lighter, using Electricity is better as because it makes them completely Windproof and when you run out of juice, you can simply plug them into any standard USB Port and charge them in around an hour!


 Where can I buy a The Flame X?

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